Affiliate Marketing: 5 Things You Need to Know Now

The passive income that comes from affiliate marketing can’t be beat. You have the advantage of not having to create your own product. You simply promote someone else’s product and earn a commission for doing so. Everyone benefits. You make money, the company makes sales and the customer is happy. But in order to become good at affiliate marketing, you need some knowledge and skills. The following five topics:


Attribution continues to be a hot topic in affiliate marketing

The methods of attribution companies are employing are becoming more and more sophisticated. They may include such characteristics as time-decay, position-based and multi-touch. It used to be most product vendors paid the last affiliate customers clicked on before they made a purchase. Now some vendors are moving toward paying the last affiliate the customer clicked on before they added something to their cart.

What does this mean for you? It may be a simple as directing your customer to “add to cart” rather than “buy now.”

Mobile is providing new opportunities

In April the mobile update rolled out, with the purpose of ensuring mobile users could access and read their google search results. Those websites which didn’t comply with the requirements by April 21st would not show up in the mobile results. This made “mobile-friendly” the new ranking signal for affiliate marketers to update their sites. This was done for good reason. In 2015 mobile users will outnumber desktop users for internet search. What does this mean for you as an affiliate? If you rely on organic traffic, make sure your site is mobile ready.

Global economic commerce is expanding rapidly

Depending on how you look at it, this could be good news or bad news. Globalization means overseas merchants will be trying to enter the North American market. More products means more opportunities for affiliate marketers, so that’s good news. It means you could specialize in products geared toward specific ethnic communities who live in North America. This is good business and good news for affiliates.

Global e-commerce could also mean there may be affiliates from other countries entering your markets and becoming your competition. Because the market is also expanding with new products entering in, the added competition may not be too insurmountable. The way to avoid getting lost in the shuffle is to make sure you are providing high quality unique content and your affiliate campaigns are polished and well-focused.

Be in the know when it comes to social media

Social platforms online can be the life blood of your campaigns when incorporated into your marketing strategy. Don’t ignore the potential of Youtube, Pinterest, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Reddit, Instagram and others to help you gain exposure for your products. Their marketing rules are ever-changing, so make sure you keep your accounts up to date and stay on top of their terms of service. Used properly, they can help you gain a lot of traction in your campaigns.

Promote products with great marketing tools

For beginner affiliates, or those who simply want to save some time, choose products that already have great affiliate tools supplied. They provide you with multiple pieces of good content you can use for content marketing. They have done their research and they know which keywords convert. They may supply great pictures, banners and so forth. These companies can afford to do the research and supply you with what you need. There’s nothing more frustrating for an affiliate than falling in love with a product you think you can promote and then finding there’s very little to work with in the way of keywords, pictures, banners, content and so forth.

When searching for products to promote take into consideration how much they offer in the way of affiliate tools.

4 Ways to Improve your Blog SEO

Initially blogs were mainly used as online diaries and journals. This quickly changed when businesses realized that search engines reacted positively towards blogs. It is a simple but powerful way to increase page ranking by applying search engine optimization (SEO) in blogs.

Blogs are user friendly and anybody can create and maintain a blog. You don’t need to be a web developer or an expert online. The only requirement is that you have something to share and you are prepared to spend the time to regularly publish blog posts. The secret is in the constant publishing of content.

The simplicity of blogging allows bloggers the opportunity to increase their online skills, to communicate with readers, to join the blogging community, and link to blogs and website with similar interests.

Word Press, Tumblr and Blogger are some of the free platforms that also provide free templates to set up your blog. This service makes blogging easy and a very cost-effective marketing technique and a means to increase your website’s SEO.

It is advantageous to know who your reader is, the target market for your product or service. Creating content is the basic purpose of a blog. A great SEO technique is to combine niche specific content aimed at the target market with specific keywords that search engine use to rank websites and blogs on the search engine pages.

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